Michelle Rivail


I'm a freelance artist from Brazil. I was born in 1981.

I started drawing at an early age. Before I was 10, although most of my drawings were clothes design, I already had a fascination with eyes and I drew them everywhere.

While I lived in France, at the age of 12, it became more than just clothes and eyes. I started to experiment with different things and most of my early work is a mix of everything I tried, from portraits to scenery.

For the past 6 years I have been playing with digital art - like space art and digital painting. Photoshop became more familiar to me than pencil and paper. I started painting with oils and watercolors and I found a whole new side of what I can do in art: photography.

I am still new at this, but conceptual photography and portraits are my favorites.

The constant need to learn and create drives me to experiment more with photography and work on my ever-improving portfolio.


  • Photoshop